Rich photographic creation, creativity, high technical expertise, experimentation (while creating his works Robo Kočan likes prolonging the photographic exposition, applying coloured filters, completing his works with drawings, colouring them; combining images captured from reality, or replenishing them), particular vision of the world, constant discovering and more than 25 years of exhibition activity testify that the artistic creation of Robo Kočan, which I know since the time of his studies at The Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, is art work of a big photographer. Light games, poetics, playfulness, lightness and at the same time seriousness; black and white revived by colors and reality filled with fantasy characterizes more than one of his photographic cycles. The titles of his cycles themselves (With the light into the darkness; The gardens of Paradise; The guarded Angel; The story of a night lamp; … ; Portraits; Ways; From the darkness to the light; Honour to the dishonoured) open views and the one’s mind, allow to see the undiscovered and to discover the unknown. They let be introduced to the world of the dialogue with the art work, and through it, with the artist himself, and his world.