The latest series Postcards from Štiavnica is completely colored in the 2/10 edition, so it’s time to sign all the photo prints and mark them appropriately as I normally do with my originals.

such signing and stamping marking originality, each image also requires its time
on the stamps is my name, which I have made in every country that I visit in writing
I bought a wooden monkey stamp in Delhi and it is my sign in the Chinese horoscope
signing and marking almost 50 originals in this way (together with the 1/10 edition, which is purely black and white) will take all day and therefore you need to make a pleasant, musical atmosphere and quality green tea
The cycle Postcards from Štiavnica, which so far contains 20 shots from Banská Štiavnica, which I originally processed during my month-long, residential stay in Hájovna, is ready for exhibition but also for sale. More info in person or at or 0903 958 875