Guardians 2019 – 2022

I was interested in the ghosts on the private fields of Zamagurie, which is an area in the north of Slovakia near the High Tatras, on the border with Poland. It reminded me of my childhood, when these guardians of the harvest were seen more often in our country. I was impressed by the creativity of people who make these guards with only one intention – to protect their crops from wild animals. They are not concerned with their aesthetics, appearance or any symbolism, as is the case with the works of artists whose works are exhibited and preserved in gallery collections. Nevertheless, they create unique objects (works) that are embedded in the landscape and thus create the genius loci of this region. The photos were taken in the villages of Spišské Hanušovce, Ostruňa, Matiašovce, Jezersko, Veľký Lipník and others.