Postcards from Štiavnica – 2021

This collection of black and white FineArt archival, pigment prints, which are colored by hand, was created during the year 2021. I started working on it in May 2021 when I was on a month-long residential stay in the Hájovňa cultural and tourist center in Banská Štiavnica. I took pictures of well-known and lesser-known views of the old part of B. Štiavnica and combined and layered them on the computer with images of the narrow, mostly overgrown streets that lead to the mining houses. The resulting photo-images evoke the feeling as if nature is taking back what man took from her by starting to build his houses and squares in it… By hand coloring I tried to give the resulting photo-images the atmosphere of old photographs or prints.
The names of the individual photo-images are texts = a story written by Ivana Gibová. I asked her to write short sentences on the created photos that would create a story. I left the sorting of the photos to Ivana Gibová.