Stories from the archive 2013-15

Photographs from the cycle ‘Stories from the archive’ came to life as a result of my work on the project ‘The Digital Gallery”. The project contains images from depositories located in art galleries across Slovakia, and captures the digitization (and cyber preservation) of existing art collections. In the process of my photographic documentation, I shot some pictures inside the depository and others in the hallways and corridors leading to the depository. Throughout this process, I was intrigued by the intricacies, connections and inherent confrontations that arose from the position of the sculptures – their physical closeness to other statues, arranged in random order; the contrasting historical periods they represented; the various packaging methods used to contain the sculptures; their seemingly meaningless storage in the corridor – evoking at times a surreal and unusual sight. Through my images I hoped to capture the provocative and evocative sensations they inspired in me as a spectator inside the archive.